About Amy

Amy FieldWhen I was nine years old, my father gave me an old typewriter that had belonged to my grandmother, who, he said, used it to write love stories and poems on it. The rest, as they say, is history. My first stories were written on that typewriter, and whenever I feel I need a dose of inspiration you’ll hear me, clackity-clack, pounding away on it. I’ve written some of my best stories on that grand typing machine!

I’m a compulsive writer – I write every day, sometimes for long stretches, either with a cat on my lap at home in my living room or in a local coffee shop. And that’s where I let my imagination run wild and come up with all the what-if’s, excruciating choices and tension-filled moments that every good romantic story ever told is made up of. I love to write special stories that inspire and entertain, and that take the reader on a journey into a wonderful, romantic make-believe world filled with great characters.


I’ve written many, many stories, each one of them special to me. Hope you find something special to read and enjoy in my catalog!